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2020-03-31 23:05 Aug 28, 2014 Has anyone tried using the Playstation Eye camera together with Windows 8 64bit? I was planing on buying one on my way home from work today since it is fairly cheap and has 60fps, but when I googled around to check which local shops had it in stock, I also found a lot of threads about people having problems with the Code Labratories drivers in Windows 8.

How to use your PS eye (PS3 camera) on your PC! ! THEIR MOTHERS WOMB See before you die; Connect a web camera and install drivers on a Windowscomputer prepcourse; How computers, cameras and cellphones began. GiveAway 2012: Win New iPhone Accessories Christmas Giveaway On iPhonecaptain; 25 Responses to How to use your PS eye (PS3 ps3 camera skype windows 8 May 25, 2017 Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Tried to plug in this PS3 webcam, but Win7 says that it can't find driver.

May 19, 2018  Replies (8). The camera is recognized by windows 10 and passes the PS3 eye test. I love the camera since it is very clear without adjustments. The microphone works. I think the issue is that Skype was updated and rendered the camera unrecognizable. My ps3 camera skype windows 8

Mar 10, 2012  my PS3 eye was working fine. Yesterday I tried to video chat with my friend and it doesnt work anymore, tried reinstalling both skype and driver more than 5 times each, nothing works! ? Even tried older and newer Skype versions with no success. Also tries my second PS3 eye, as I have to, nothing. . Camera works fine with CLEye test. Oct 21, 2015 Why can't my PS3 Camera work on PC? Thread thatonekidintheback Reputable. Jul 18, 2014 14 0 4, 510 0. Jul 22, 2014# 1 I have gotten a new PC and i installed my PS3 camera and i went on Skype to talk to my friends, and the mic worked well but the camera failed to work. Anyone know how to fix this? BTW: i have windows 8. 1. 0 T. ThatVietGuy Mar 03, 2017 Flappy Jelly(Android Game) Buy PS3 Eye Camera at lowest price click http: amzn. to2 ps3 camera skype windows 8 All three sections include a dropdown list that allows you to select specific devices or to choose Windows Default Device for your microphone, speakers, and ringing. Near the bottom of this window you will see three options: Make a Free Test Call. Learn more about setting up your audio equipment. Buy a headset or Skype phone from the Skype shop This means you can then connect to Skype and use it for video conferencing over the Skype network. If you already own a PlayStation 3 Eye, then you do not need to buy a separate Web camera for your computer. Download the driver for the PS3 Eye from the Code Laboratories page (see Resources). Download the file under CL Eye Platform Driver. Sep 24, 2012  cam is available in devices: CodeLabs DevicesPS3Eye Camera, works fine in CLEyeTest, but skype doesnt see it. The mic is ok in skype, latest driver on Cleaner Windows My question is, is there a flag or something like that I can set that will show Windows 8 that this device is in fact a camera and is working. Here is a picture of the test program that comes loaded with the drivers and the windows 8 camera app.

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