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2020-03-29 13:26 Windows is attempting to use the wrong passwordmachine vs user passwordon a domainjoined device. You have set up the authentication method differently on the RADIUS server than on the client. The Unifi AP just passes on the RADIUS authentication, by the way: that won't be

Feb 20, 2011 Unable to connect to WPA2 networks with Windows 7 64bit (Intel 4965 and Cisco WUSB600N) Connecting to WPA2 networks seems to be a pretty common problem. As yet I have not bee able to find a solution. wifi radius windows 7 Mar 19, 2018 This is the exact same policy configuration as it is for our Windows 7 Enterprise environment, and that automatically connects to the same WiFi networks without prompting for user's credentials. Has anyone else experienced any problems like this on Windows 10 Enterprise using 802. 1x authentication with RADIUS?

Oct 13, 2009  Hello all! I think the posting title describes my dilemma well. Here are some of the specifics. At my institute of work, we all authenticate our wireless connections via a radius server, which is a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2 Virtual PC, on wifi radius windows 7

Jul 10, 2015  Windows NAP as RADIUS in a Windows 7 Server 2012 Wireless World July 10, 2015 July 10, 2015 cantechit Uncategorized Microsoft, this is why people do not deploy NAP, NAC and other things like this, small little problems that take hours to fix and then when something goes awry later on, people pull their hair out. If the RADIUS server has a certificate that may not be trusted by the wireless client or is not a member of the domain in which the RADIUS server resides, on the Successfully added page, click Change connection settings. 7. Choose the Security tab. 8. Click Settings. 9. Dec 05, 2017 I am having an issue with Windows 7 workstations connecting to our wireless ssid that authenticates user based via the Radius server. Windows 10 systems, mobile devices, and Mac devices are all able to authenticate and connect. wifi radius windows 7 Nov 22, 2011 I've setup 802. 1x NAP for Wireless connections and Windows XP clients work fine. But I have problem with Windows 7 Enterprise clients. NPS grants access but Windows 7 says it cannot connect to WiFi. There're not any errorwarning message in client's Event Viewer. Windows 7 works with these settings (no need for importing certificate of Root CA

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