Is there a kobo app for windows 8

2020-03-29 11:58 Feb 28, 2019 installing kobo app on my pc with window 8 I am trying to install the kobo app on my pc and the installation wizard isn't coming up. I download the app from the website and when it says open with and I select open with internet it will not open? ? Did you try installing the kobo app through Windows Store? 2. Which web browser are you using

Kobo had been working on a Windows 8 app for the last few months, but the company was not happy with the results and has revised it. There are some new features such as; cloud storage, new library is there a kobo app for windows 8 Dec 05, 2013 Windows 88. 1 currently has more desktoplaptop marketshare than OS X. Every Windows88. 1 PC can run modern apps. Which means that the potential user base for a Kobo (or any) modern app is larger than the entire user base for any OS X app.

Mar 06, 2014 Kobo announced on Thursday the relaunch of their reading app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The new app boasts access to a catalog of 4 million titles, all of which can be read via a friendly user interface and synced across a reader's Kobo account. is there a kobo app for windows 8

The allnew Windows 8 Kobo app lets you access over 3 million books. You can even choose from over 1 million free classics. Please submit your review for Kobo for Windows 8. 1. Rate this Publisher Info. Most features don't work on Windows 8. 1 The Kobe Books app works fine on my Windows 7 Desk top and my Android phone. On my Surface Pro 3 tablet with Windows 8. 1, newly purchased books don't upload reliably. Once uploaded I can read the book and turn pages, but the annotations features don't work at all. Nov 06, 2013 No, not the desktop appthe tablet app, the Metro app, the Modern UI Appwhatever you want to call it now. I'm not talking about the desktop application I don't use that either. The Metro app is the only way to use Kobo on Windows 8 tablets like the Surface RT tablets. is there a kobo app for windows 8 Dec 03, 2013 Kobo has pulled their Windows 8 eReading app from the Microsoft App Store a few weeks ago. This move will now prevent owners of the Microsoft Surface or anyone on a Windows 8 PC from downloading The Kobo eBooks app for Windows is available for download from the Windows Store. After youve installed and opened the Kobo eBooks app, youll need to create a Kobo account, or sign in using your existing Kobo account. Go to your Windows device's All Apps screen. Tap Store. Tap the Search menu at the top of the screen. Search for Kobo . Reading on Windows 8 a look at Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Amazon was the first company to push eBooks into the mainstream market in 2007. Today, many readers choose to pick up a tablet, cellular phone, or dedicated eInk device to dive into a world of adventure. We are taking a look at the top three eBook reading apps ( Kindle, Nook, and Kobo) for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. How can the answer be improved?

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